About Us

Our Firm

What makes HAN Capital successful is our team of driven professionals, all committed and inspired to push beyond expectations. Our team is ambitious, curious, and knowledgeable about the industry, so you can always trust you are receiving well-informed guidance. The HAN Capital family is the reason our clients and partners trust us; every member shares our core values – putting people first, accountability, self improvement, passion, and thoughtfulness.

At HAN Capital, our core values are the most important element to our success:

Put People

We care about our coworkers, customers, and capital partners. We strive to always treat others with respect and compassion. HAN Capital values collaboration and a strong work/life balance.

Take Pride in
What You Do

We hold ourselves and our partners accountable for our actions and act with integrity on a daily basis. At HAN Capital we will go the extra mile while seeing every project through to completion.

Embrace Self Improvement

We are always looking to learn and explore new opportunities. We value constructive feedback and apply these values to both our professional and personal lives.

Love What You Do

HAN Capital works to be passionate, driven, and most importantly, have fun!

Act with Purpose, Based On Data

We look to work in a strategic manner while being thoughtful of what we do. We focus on our overall vision while being sure to take many factors into consideration during the decision making process.

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