Heartland Parks

Heartland Parks

HAN Capital recently sought out and added several seasoned professionals to our team in order to facilitate the launch of our new division, Heartland Parks, which is focused on investing in manufactured housing communities and RV Parks and Campgrounds.

What Our Portfolio Says About Us

Given our experience in the industry and firm’s financial resources, our team brings an unrivaled understanding of the industry, marketing know-how, and a unique investment strategy designed to maximize value. We are a vertically integrated sourcing, acquisition, asset management, and development owner operator.

Expanding Across the Country

Our Heartland Parks branch continues to grow and expand our investments beyond state lines. Our locations today include:

South Dakota

A Value-Added Approach

  • High-quality Wi-Fi
  • Full hookup RV sites
  • Accommodations (tiny homes, cabins, park models, glamping tents)
  • Contemporary check-in area and merchandise shop
  • Pool & / or hot tub
  • Indoor and outdoor lounge area
  • Dog runs with complimentary dog wash stations

Making an impact in the manufactured housing and RV Parks and Campgrounds arena is all about adding value for the customer. As part of our approach, we invest in the amenities we know will elevate worth. Our featured amenities include:

  • Monthly Cabin Rentals
  • Boat Rentals
  • Wedding Venues

Manufactured Housing Communities

Anyone can purchase a manufactured housing community, but most don’t understand the demands of the industry or have the resources to achieve financial success. Taxes are on the rise, inflation is taking a toll on businesses, and yet we’ve managed to help our clients reach the next level thanks to our proven approach.

At HAN Capital, we specialize in buying manufactured housing communities, regardless of condition. We can help make improvements and ensure the right balance of profitability and ethical ownership.

Learn More About Our Investment Approach

Heartland Parks is singularly focused on investing in and acquiring RV parks and campgrounds. That means a team of investors who know precisely what it takes to succeed in this industry. Get in touch today and request a meeting to learn more about our process!

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